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I am a consultant psychiatrist and Professor of Connected Mental Health at the Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, where I work on using data to better inform how treatments and interventions can be targeted to, or made more effective for, individuals. I am particularly interested in methods for delivering “actionable data” – for example, modeling clinical state and trajectories – that directly informs interventions/management and how to use this data build decision support tools. This work draws on principles from computation, applied multivariate statistics and artificial intelligence / machine learning. While I’m generally optimistic about the potential of these approaches, I’m more cautious about the current AI/ML hype.

  • Psychiatry
  • Applied Statistics and Multivariate Methods
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • MRCPsych, 2015

    Royal College of Psychiatrists

  • MBBS, 2010

    King's College London

  • Ph.D. (Artificial Intelligence), 2001

    University of Southampton

  • B.Sc. Computer Science, 1995

    University of Southampton

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